‘Self-help made simple”

“As an Author, Public Speaker and Coach, I help break the stigma on mental health! I deliver this in a real, authentic manner, staying well clear of the typical over the top self help industry where so many claim to be f*****g perfect”

I share my own journey with you (which still has its challenges) and I give you SIMPLE tools to manage your mental wellbeing and get YOU started on your own journey of personal development! 

My Goal:

As a self-confessed ‘every day’ lad, my goal is to make talking about mental health normal, particularly for men.


My goal is to make managing your mental wellbeing and working on Personal Development SIMPLE. Easy, understandable tools you can use each day.


My goal is to make these topics real, and RELATABLE. I believe this industry is full of ‘over the top’ coaches. I dislike terms such as ‘Turbocharge your life‘ or ‘Bulletproof mindset.’ I make people understand that self-help can be positively utilised by anybody, as a means of improving their mental wellbeing and going on their own journey of personal development at ANY STAGE in their lives.


If you are just GETTING STARTED then my work is perfect for you.



I have for many years had my mental health challenges. I personally felt very ‘lost’ in life. I achieved a masters degree at any early age but I felt deeply unfulfilled. Even before 30 I had job hopped more times than I could count on ten hands. I was depressed and lacking direction. 

I found self-help which has helped me to take a proactive approach for managing my mental wellbeing and taken me on a journey of personal development. 

I share these tools in the hope to inspire and teach other people on their own path.

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